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Seek Christian Production Studio's, LTD.


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Dr.'s Jeffrey & Shirley Canniff are both Charasmatic Catholic Leader's of Ecumenical Ministry who have received extensive training in Biblical Studies ,Ministerial Development, and Theophostic Ministry. Having both received their Certificates of Theophostic Ministry from Dr. Ed Smith from Althea Ministries in 2003, diploma's of Evangelical Ministry from World Evangelical Bible Institute of Lowell, Massachusetts in 2005 as well as a Bachelor's of Ministry (received 2003), Master's of Ministry (received in 2004) and Doctorate's of Divinity ( received in 2005) from Dr.'s Paul & Faye Richardson of Spirit of Truth  Institute in Richmond, Virginia, the Canniff's are more than ready to plunge into the deeper depths of God's River of Mercy as they seek to serve and prepare Leaders from various interdenominational ministries who have a deep hunger and thirst for unity and righteousness that can only be received from our Father in Heaven.  In order to prepare a people who have been destined to become radical lovers of God in the "Great Harvest of Souls" through their school of ministry, accredited by " Spirit of Truth Institute of Richmond, Virginia, the Canniff's have been blessed by God with a curriculum that is life transforming.  The school known as, Seek International Leadership School of Christian Multi-Media Ministry is what it says.  They prepare the Believer one person at a time through a " Life Coaching " format  to become an effective transformed leader in the power of the Holy Spirit through a  4 - Phase process of ministerial development in which the individual is challenged on many levels in their walk with the Lord and released into the 5 fold ministry of Preacher, Teacher, Prophet, Evangelist, and Apostle . There are 4 areas of concentration in regards to the ministry of  Inner transformation in Phase 1 which are: (1) Ministry into  the breaking and setting free of Intergenerational Sins & Curses of our ancestors leading to greater healing, reconciliation, forgiveness and restoration;(2) the ministry of healing and deliverence of ungodly belief's; (3) the ministry of Soul/Spirit Hurts, and (4) the ministry of deliverance of demonic oppression. Phase 1 is a prerequisite to all the other 3 phases of ministry development. 
"Seek Christian Teaching & Worship Center, Inc", currently an online christian Fellowship without walls, is the Fellowship that supports the Mission & Vision of the School of Ministry.  It is the Canniff's hope that the Leaders that are destined to graduate from their School of Ministry utilize their gifts and talents in order to promote TEAM EVANGELISM on many levels to the best of their ability through the efforts of christian radio, internet television as well as cable television, web development, conference planning,  in all of the ministerial outreaches that are part of Seek, Inc. Christian Outreach Ministries.
The Canniff's are currently the producers and editors of  their first  christian television show "Different Facets of God"  which has been airing for 7 years on  Public Access Channel 9.  The show airs twice weekly in the town of  Stoughton where the Canniff's reside. 
The show "Different Facets of God" first aired on Labor Day   September 7th of 1999.  The show  currently enjoys many viewers who have been touched by the power of the Lord.
Each show focuses on the testimonies of  individuals who's lives have been touched  by the power of God  one way or another in  the ordinary circumstances of their lives. These God encounter's have shaped the faith landscape of the the community of  the town of Stoughton in such a way that many churches, outreaches and ministries have come to Stoughton and are flourishing because of the voice crying out in the wilderness to prepare ye, the way of the Lord.
The show gives hope to many people who are in darkness and hopeless situations.  One law enforcer had stopped Dr. Shirley Canniff in  the middle of  traffic one morning,  and while she thought she was about to receive a traffic ticket, the officer tells her in a calm manner, that she did nothing wrong but that he just wanted to tell her that he watches the show, " Different Facet's of God" and  he likes it and  to keep up the good work, its touching many peoples lives.
In His Love,
       Dr. Jeffrey B. Canniff, Div
    Dr. Shirley M. Canniff, Div.
For Further Information Call or write to us at:


P.O. Box  218
Stoughton, MA.

Dr. Shirley Canniff & Timothy O'Leary
A Studio Program Planning Session

The Television Production Studio
The Production Crew in Motion

Guest Worship Leader - Lenny Guyette
Open The Heaven's Ministry

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